Saturday, January 7, 2012

I caught it. . .

I pretty much ignored most crazes.  I ordinarily don’t feel the need to knit what everyone else is knitting, knit with the yarn that is the latest or greatest or really do much of anything everyone is supposedly doing.  However, I have wanted to try Wollmeise for quite a while.  I’ve never been able to catch an update and I’ll be darned if I drive my self crazy waiting for one to occur. But thanks to Twitter, I finally caught a Wollmeise update at the Loopy Ewe.   I’ll post pictures when it comes in.

Here are some of the projects I’m working on:

This is Trillian in Shaefer Anne.  I am really like the miles of garter stitch.  It is really more relaxing than I’d imagined it could be.


This is the very beginning of Cookie A’s Hedera socks.  I’m knitting it in Online Supersocke.


My Lady Eleanor is coming along.  I’m knitting it in Regia fingering weight rather than the DK weight that was called for in the pattern.  I like the width of it but I’m a little concerned about it I’ll have enough yarn to make it long enough.


Okay, so that is all for my knitting this week.  I did a little shopping today.  I bought a mini tripod to help with my pictures.

And for a better workout. . .


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Over

I am starting over again.  I deleted my blogs because I thought they were just too much work to update.  It is a lot of work but I found I missed putting my thoughts to paper, so to speak.  So here I am, creating a new blog.  One blog that will contain all of me.  I will no longer segment myself to acceptable pieces for different audiences.

I ride a Honda 1300 VTX.  I knit.  I spin fiber to create yarn.  I hang with the same friends that I have had since high school.  I am 40+ years old and I like who I am finally becoming, all the different parts no matter how strange they seem when put together.  So you are likely to get a very diverse range of subjects.

It’s just after New Years and it’s the time we all think about what the brand new year holds.  And how it will be brighter and shinier than last year.  I quit making resolutions two years ago.  Instead I create goals.  I hear you saying ‘what the heck is the difference?’  Well to me the difference is that goals are more fluid and can change as I change. 

I have the following goals for 2012:

  1. Ride 1000 miles this season
  2. Be able to run 1 mile
  3. Knit through several of the sock patterns in “Knit, Sock, Love” by Cookie A
  4. Finish knitting my Eleanor shawl
  5. Blog once per week
  6. Spin some fiber once per week

I believe these are very manageable, smart goals.



Take Care & Keep the Shiny Side Up.