I lost approximately 15 lbs on weight watchers a little more than a year ago.  But since then, I have steadily gained some of it back.  That is when I decided to go back on the plan. 

I realized this morning, that just by signing up and logging my points I won't get where I want to be.  I really have to work at this to get to my goals.  This is where I've fallen down.  So, I am committing myself to actually working on getting fit.

Yes, I did say fit.  The number on the scale, although a little bothersome, isn't my main problem.  It is the fact when I sit down, I have little fat rolls that make my skin touch itself.  It is that I get winded after riding my bicycle for 6 minutes.  It is that I had to go down to a lighter bowling ball because I'm just not strong enough to throw my 15 lb ball.  I want to be active and healthy.

So starting today, I am going to do something active everyday.  Whether it is walking for 30 min at lunch, bowling, or going for a bike ride.