Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Goals

Start as you mean to continue.  I've often heard this in relation to the New Year.  So today I have been filling my cupboard shelves and my heart with 'enough.'  For 2014, I want enough.  Enough love in my home, Enough money to pay the bills, and Enough food to keep us fed. I don't need more than that.

But in the fine tradition of new years resolutions, this is the list of my goals for 2014.  

1.  Update the blog once per week 
2.  Feel comfortable enough in my skin to wear a little sun dress for Easter
3.  Finish everything currently on the needles - Lady Eleanore scarf; 2 pair of socks for my daughter and the Old Man and the Sea Sweater
4.  Knit a handspun pair of socks
5.  Knit a worsted weight pair of socks
6.  Knit a pair of mittens from silk hankies
7.  Knit the sweater from 'Botanical Knits'
8.  Knit a sweater from the Blue Cascade yarn

There is nothing shocking or unattainable here but they are things I want to finish or do in my life.


Monday, December 30, 2013


It's almost the end of another year and when not freezing (it was -5 F at noon), I've been thinking alot about the past year.  I've been contemplating where I am, where I want to be and what I want in my life.  These are questions that I think about alot but more so this time of year.  One of the things that was bothering me was that a few months ago I deleted this blog.  I really didn't have time to keep up with it and decided it wasn't worth it.  But as usual for me I had delete remorse.  Luckily for me, blogger now has an undelete option.  So, as luck has it, I have my blog back.

I'm not sure where it will go but it's good to be back online.

I leave you with today's knitting project.